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Jackson, Mississippi

120 Lake Drive, Ste. A
Richland, MS 39218

Phone: (601) 667-4624

Fax: (919) 839-8971


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Rise Against Hunger Jackson was founded in 2009 and serves the Mississippi, Louisiana, Southeast Arkansas, Memphis, Tuscaloosa, Mobile and Pensacola regions. In 2017, more than 11,000 local volunteers and partnering organizations, including The United Methodist Church, Rotary and Memphis Interfaith, have helped build the local movement to end global hunger. In this region alone, through 2017, more than 14.9 million meals have been packaged to benefit 13 countries around the globe.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to volunteer in our warehouse to do some bin washing? Feel free to shoot us an email at and we can work with you to set something up, either one-time or recurring. This opportunity is great for small groups or individuals.


Take Hunger Into Your Own Hands

Meal packaging events offer a powerful way to make a hands-on impact on world hunger. You raise the funds and rally your friends and family as volunteers, and we'll take care of the rest.

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